Yellow Maize Commodities

Commodities - Yellow Maize
Maize or corn is the most efficient and profitable produced cereal in the world.

It is grown in every continent except Antarctica. It is a spring grain to be sown in April or May, depending on the soil temperature.

This crop is most often used for animal feed (silage and grain), but cultivation for milling purposes (production of corn groats and meal) – is becoming increasingly popular. About 50 species exist and consist of different colors, textures, and grain shapes and sizes. White, yellow, and red are the most common cultivated maize types.


The white and yellow varieties are preferred by most people depending on the region. Maize, which was domesticated in central Mexico around 1500 BC, was introduced into Africa around 1500 AD, and spread to every corner of the continent within a relatively short period and is now Africa’s most important cereal crop.


Sweet maize is the variety that tastes the most delicious — other kinds of maize are grown as grain to feed animals.

With a big variety, the complete range of high-performance corn varieties offered by Al Sadek Group of Companies provide a perfect response to the technical and economic challenges faced by growers and livestock farmers worldwide.

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