EN590 diesel is a European standard that sets specifications and requirements for automotive diesel fuel.

It covers various aspects such as fuel composition, sulfur content, cetane number, density, viscosity, cold flow properties, lubricity, stability, and biodiesel blend compatibility.

Adhering to the EN590 standard ensures the quality, performance, and environmental compliance of diesel fuel used in vehicles and helps to reduce emissions and enhance engine efficiency.

The production process of EN590 diesel involves refining crude oil, hydrotreating to remove impurities and sulfur, blending if necessary, and rigorous quality control measures. This process ensures that the diesel fuel meets the specifications outlined in the EN590 standard, including low sulfur content, specific density, viscosity, cold flow properties, and biodiesel blend compatibility. The production of EN590 diesel aims to provide a cleaner and high-quality fuel for diesel engines, promoting reduced emissions and improved engine performance.

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En590 Diesel Specification




Clear and bright, free from visible sediment and water.


2.5 max



Density @ 15°C g/ml

0⋅820 min – 0⋅835 max

Cold filter plugging point


 Winter °C (*)

-15 max

 Summer °C (*)

-5 max

Cloud point


 Winter °C (*)

-5 max

 Summer °C (*)

+3 max

Flash point (PMCC) °C

56 min

Cetane number

51 min

Cetane index

46 min

Viscosity cst @ 40°C

2.0 min – 4.5 max

Sulphur % Wt

0⋅001 max

Copper corrosion 3 hr @ 50°C

class I

Micro carbon residue:

Residue wt on 10% bottoms


Ash % Wt

0⋅01 max

Particulate matter mg/kg

24 max

Water mg/kg

200 max

Distillation °C


% Vol Rec @ 250°C

65⋅0 max

% Vol Rec @ 345°C

85·0 min

95% Vol recovered ºC


Oxidation stability mg/100ml

2·5 max

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (%)

11 max

Lubricity, Corrected water scar

460 Diameter @ ºC

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